Buzrub Mild BBQ Rub Review

 alt=Buzrub BBQ Rub (Mild) – This is the perfect companion to Famous Buzrub. There are no ingredients listed here, but my taste buds do detect some of the basic spices, along with some not-so-traditional additions. The exact blend is kept under wraps, so I won’t risk getting it wrong by trying to guess. Let me just say that I taste a hint of something tropical in there, along with a mild peppery flavor. There’s also some very sweet notes. Point is, this is a beautiful, balanced blend of a variety of herbs and spices that will look and taste good on any protean your little heart desires putting it on. It’s a great steak, chicken, pork, rib, or even seafood rub. In fact, this one is especially nice on seafood.

The soulmate to this rub is the “Famous” Buzrub. It’s got a little more fire and a little less tropical. Both of the rubs are useful, each in its own way. I prepared a sampling of grilled foods using both. I preferred the famous version, but Al’s Mild Blend went over with almost everybody who tried the two. Something about that tropical flavor in there that really makes it shine.

Not everybody likes to use a rub on their barbecue, preferring instead to let the sauce choice do the talking, but I feel like a good rub can bring out the best flavors of the meat you’re sizzling. This one does exactly that. There’s more, though. It’s a great addition to soups and stews and even fares well sprinkled over a salad. If you want a rub that can sit on your spice rack and find a place in your cooking habits beyond its intentional purpose, Al’s Mild Blend Buzrub is the stuff.

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