Buddha Bill’s Tequila Lime Hot Sauce Review

Hey Chili heads!

Do you have the fire starter that you need for the Holidays?

It’s Thanksgiving time and I propose the question, ‘How much fire starter do we need in our lives?” Being that it’s winter here, I spend the first 10 minutes of my return home from work getting a fire started in the fireplace. It seems like I always have big chunks of wood to choose from but I’m always lacking the kindling material to get the fire going.

Thanksgiving is coming up in a few days and I am starting to notice all the fun, delicious food that Mrs. Eh? is stocking the fridge with. Oh yeah baby, it’s going to be good! But again I ask, “Do I have enough fire starter material for the meal?” Home made turkey, gravy, stuffing’s, relishes, pies, cobblers, puddings and of course, a few fresh vegetables…It’s enough right? WRONG!!!! Yah must have your “atomic”  “fire starter” sauce!

This is “Atomic Eh?”, and I want to tell you about a new sauce company.

They just started producing a line of amazing hot sauces a couple months ago and Insanechicken.com has the scoop! The heat levels range from the mild and tasty to their Holiday Pumpkin Habanero heat…designed to light up your holidays pepper style.

The one that I want to tell you about today is called:

Buddha Bill’s Tequila Lime Hot Sauce.

This company was born July 20th 2010 in Cincinnati Ohio. Many years ago Bill Lawrence had a vision of one day opening a great restaurant with this name. As the years went by, it eventually developed into his own line of hot sauces. Bill and his brother Jacob teamed up and produced the sauce while Jacob’s wife who is a graphic artist, created the unique labels. I love it…a family owned sauce company! I just found out that Rachael herself was the creator of this particular recipe. I like family owned businesses. I also like that this company is producing their products in the USA! So many companies are outsourcing their products to other countries just to save/make a penny or two. It’s disappointing to me when they do that because, it is just one less job for the people here. Many thanks to the team at Buddha Bill’s for keeping it local! Bill likes to say that the creative and colorful label design was based on him…him being a big guy and one that likes to study a little Zen Buddhism. I’m okay with that…I happen to like the label. It says that this sauce is handmade in Buddha’s kitchen. It is easy to recognize on the shelf as Buddha’s and I can tell what flavor it is just by what the Buddha is holding. I give it a 5 out of 5 for label design and art.

The sauce smells very fresh and spicy. It has a strong pleasant aroma. I can smell the lime, cilantro, and the jalapeno peppers right away. The label says that it also has coconut in it as well. I couldn’t taste the coconut but that might be the contributing factor to the sweet taste I encountered. The heat is good. It’s not a super “Atomic” hot sauce but I would give the heat factor 3.5 out of five. You’re not going to be scared of using too much and getting burned but if you do sense fear it might be the result of realizing that you are going to run out soon…very soon! Luckily Insanechicken.com is here to bring us all these great sauces.

The sauce looks nice and thick. It reminds me of the color of kiwis.  It is a bright green with black pepper. As it pours out on to my sliced beef tri tip, I am amazed by how thick and chunky it is. The maker says that they do their very best to choose the freshest and most local vegetables possible.

It tastes great!
Mrs. Eh? was very surprised when she tried it. Normally she doesn’t much care for lime, but her face lit up with enjoyment when I handed her a fork that was loaded up with tri tip beef and slathered in sauce. I am amazed. I honestly don’t come across a lot of sauces that really impress me because so many of them are just the same ole recipe. This one is not the same ole… The sauce doesn’t have the expected tart lime flavor that I thought it would. It is very sweet and compliments beef perfectly. It is so good that it might make a good marinade…if you can afford a case of the stuff! My wife and I used about 1/3 of the bottle on a dinner meal. The sauce is very tasty, so it’s easy to eat. I wasn’t expecting a lot of heat but I was surprised. It has a heat that builds. Because there are so many flavors to this sauce, I would suggest that you use minimal spice on the food previous to applying the sauce-You just wont need it. The sauce packs enough taste and heat by itself.

In conclusion…

This sauce is good! And it’s not just the tequila talking from the sauce. If you like cilantro, lime, and jalapeno peppers you will definitely like this sauce. A new, fresh approach to creating a tasty green hot sauce. I don’t notice a vinegar taste and for my family, and me, that’s a good thing! I would give it a five out of five for flavor. It would be great on Mexican food, Barbeque, and in a salad dressing. I am looking forward to trying this sauce on everything…well maybe not waffles! That’s what their Pumpkin Habanero Sauce is for. Even my wife likes it. Careful…once your family and friends find out, you will have to share! Buddha Bill Sauces are just one more thing to be thankful for during the Holidays. So this is “Atomic Eh?” and I say give your family a squeeze &…

Keep it hot and keep it spicy!


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