Buddha Bill’s Peach Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Buddha Bill’s Tequila Lime Hot Sauce is a recent discovery and a favorite of mine. That’s why I was surprised and happy as hell to see Buddha Bill’s Peach Habanero Hot Sauce. I really love shaken’ those peaches, especially with my hot sauces, so I opened this one with a big grin on my face, ready to enjoy the fruit and heat combination. I didn’t expect the heat to be too intense, of course, since most of the peach and pepper combos I’ve had the pleasure of ingesting are usually quite mild. While Buddha Bill’s Peach Habanero Hot Sauce is by no means one of those sauces that will make you blow fire from the rear exit, it is quite a bit warmer than most other peach and pepper combinations I’ve had the pleasure of sampling. Peaches, orange habanero peppers, apple cider vinegar, orange juice, and brown sugar are the ingredients that come together in this beautifully crafted peach-colored sauce. Pour some on a spoon and take a taste to get the full effect before combining it with anything else. Let the mild peachy keen taste touch your tongue before the heat begins to settle in and make its through your chest and down into your belly. Not enough heat to have you reaching for something to cool you down, but enough to let you know that there are some hot peppers at work here. Both the peachy taste and the heat stick with you, linger like a wet dream, and then slowly dissipate, leaving you wanting more. There are plenty of pepper pieces and seeds in here to add some texture and visual appeal as well.

I deep fried some chicken wings and used this sauce as a dip. You could bake the wings in your oven and paint this stuff on for the last ten minutes just to get a nice coat for flavor. While the peach and pepper combo here is intense, nothing about this sauce will overpower your food. The balance is perfect and you’ll find that your Buddha Bill wings are some of the best you’ve ever had. If you enjoy fruity heat but like something that leans a little more toward the hot side of town, Buddha Bill’s Peach Habanero Hot sauce is a must-have on your shelf.



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