Buddha Bill’s Tequila Lime Hot Sauce

The Buddha Bill’s line of hot sauce all feature a happy cartoon Buddha holding the key ingredients of each individual sauce. With a giant lime half in one hand and a full bottle of gold tequila in the other, Buddha Bill seems especially happy with his Tequila Lime Hot Sauce – and well he should be.

When I first tasted this sauce, I was surprised at how thin it was in terms of viscosity. It was very liquid and pourable. After a day in the fridge, however, it became much more viscous, and the taste, thankfully, remained as excellent as before. For this reason, I might recommend that you refrigerate this sauce before using.

Tequila Lime Hot Sauce includes jalapeño peppers, vinegar, water, coconut, sugar, limes, tequila, cilantro, black pepper, and salt. Good, simple ingredients well mixed in a potent brew that is somehow hotter than you might expect from a sauce that features only the relatively mild jalapeño.

The flavor, however, really seals the deal. I won’t say that you get a strong tequila flavor, but you do get a very well-blended flavor that is fruity without being overly sweet. The nice green color is dotted by white, green, and black chunks of fresh ingredients, providing a comforting feeling of freshness and quality.

I’ve been finding this sauce goes very well with grilled fish, especially salmon, as well as pasta and pork. For something fairly bland like boneless, skinless chicken breasts, Tequila Lime Hot Sauce may be just what the doctor ordered. All in all, a versatile, flavorful, mildly hot sauce that could quickly become a habit.

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