Blair’s Ultra Death Review

If asked, most people would tell you that  New Jersey is known for its bad air, corrupt politicians, and overpopulation. What they probably wouldn’t tell you is that one of the hottest sauces in the known universe  got its start in a humble locale on the Jersey Shore.

Since the its inception in 1989 Bliar’s Hot sauces have become legendary among chili heads and now its founder Blair is out to restore his beloved state’s good name. As expected his revenge is manifested in the form of a hot sauce. His weapon of choice? Blair’s Ultra Death sauce… with Jersey Fury.

Probably the first sauce to combine Naga Jolokia peppers, Red Habenero pods, Cayenne peppers, and Piri Piri peppers, Blair’s Ultra Death Hot Sauce is undoubtedly dangerous stuff. As the label points out, this sauce does in fact contain the hottest known ingredients on earth. In addition to the two hottest peppers it also contains “natural pepper flavor,” which I think is an ambiguous term for pepper extract.  That ingredient alone boosts Ultra Death into the category of super hot sauces.

Beside the overdose of peppers in, Ultra Death Includes tomato Puree, white vinegar, lime juice, salt and spices. The sweet smell of the tomato puree really shines through lending an almost tomato sauce scent to the sauce. Ultra death is such an incredibly thick sauce that inverting the bottle does little to make it pour. After  a series of hard shakes I succeeded in dislodging a thick glob of death onto a spoon.

Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce has a very strong and distinct flavor, tasting basically like it smells. The first flavor is sweet tomato sauce, followed by an absolutely blistering heat that gets far worse when put on hot food. This is not a sauce that adds flavorless heat to the background of a dish since its flavor is actually quite overwhelming.  I tried it on stir fry and it completed destroyed the dish. I wouldn’t recommend using this sauce on anything that wouldn’t benefit from a good dose of tomato sauce.

The label of Blair’s Ultra Death Hot Sauce warns that it shouldn’t be used without dilution and I tend to agree. When eaten on hot food the pain it is very intense. Five bites of stir fry and the roof of my mouth began to hurt. A few bites later I began to hiccup and milk did nothing decrease Blair’s impact.

If the intent of Blair’s Ultra Death sauce was to perpetrate a mass genocide of the world’s taste buds Blair has succeeded gloriously. Overall I didn’t enjoy Blair’s flavor but it definitely packed the heat that it promised on the bottle Ultra death is the hottest sauce offered by Blair (anything much hotter is considered an extract). For a truly awe inspiring heat experience Ultra Death is highly recommend.

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