Blair’s Sudden Death with Ginseng Review

Blair’s Sudden Death with Ginseng – I’m a little confused about the addition of Ginseng to this sauce. it doesn’t nothing for the flavor or the heat. Maybe the folks at Blair’s just thought it would sound cool.

Blair’s has a whole line of hot sauces, including Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage, Blair’s Original Death Sauce, and Blair’s Pure Death with Jolokia. Blair’s Sudden Death with Ginseng doesn’t bring a whole lot new to the table, minus the ginseng, which as I stated, I don’t get. with that aside, this is still one fine sauce.

The ingredients include habanero pepper pods, cayenne chiles, pepper resin, clover, honey, Key Lime juice, and Siberian Ginseng. All of these ingredients come together to provide a sauce that could have a delicious taste — if you could taste it. There’s no tasting here at all. The heat level is enough to cause serious meltdown. In fact, it can be downright dangerous. If you’re one of those hot sauce lovers that likes to impress your friends with the amount of heat you can take, by all means, give Blair’s Sudden Death with Ginseng a try. Understand that it is extremely, dangerously hot. Way over the top.

There are very few applications for Blair’s Sudden Death with Ginseng. Cooking is about it. You can add this to some of your favorite foods to lift the heat factor up. It does provide a little taste boost as well.  If heat is what your after, this is the one for you. All of the Blair hot sauces are hot, but if you want the flavor of the ingredients to shine through, try one of the other Blair hot  sauces. Each of the Blair sauces is handcrafted with only the most select ingredients, so they are among the cream of the crop, but amateurs are certainly not allowed.

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