Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce Review

Blairs MegaDeath Hot Sauce

So, you think you’ve had a hot sauce before? Maybe it was the most painful looking option you could find in your local grocery store, something with claims of pain and horrible nights ahead on the bottle. The odds are it was surprisingly hot, but not nearly up to the task of destroying your tongue in the manner you expected. Enter Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce. This sauce claims a heat factor of over 500,000 scovilles, more than 500 times hotter than a Jalapeno. It’s not just that it’s so incredibly hot though. There are a few hot sauces out there that claim to be hotter – and for my money it doesn’t matter at a certain point. It’s about the raw kick in the butt this stuff will give you, regardless of the dilution you give it.

I’ve recommended dilution for hot sauces with half as much heat and ingredients as this and they still managed to scald the various parts of my digestive system with the cold iron fist of a supreme hot sauce. This is hotter. If you purchase Blair’s Mega Death, do not plan on dabbing a drop on your tongue to “get a feel for it”. You’re likely looking at the kind of agonizing pain you witness in the throws of a Tarantino torture scene. No, this is a diluter by all means. If you have not tasted and survived similar products in the past, do not eat this sauce straight up.

That said, I loved Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce. This was the kind of hot sauce you can brag to your friends about trying and surviving, then laugh at them when they collapse in agony from the drop you put in their soup. It’s a powerful, steel-tipped kick to the butt and you should be ready for it. Tasting-wise, I reckoned a good home made chili would be the perfect venue.

Comprised of a litany of ingredients collected by an uncle a couple of generations back, the family chili recipe has always been a favorite. Usually employing fresh peppers instead of hot sauces, it has a kick all by itself, the kind that turns a bowl of chili into a two hour ordeal and requires half a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk. I made the same chili, split it in two and tossed the peppers in one, and the Mega Death in the other. At first, I gave it a single drop of mega death, but thought better of it and added two more.

Let’s just say that the effects of three drops of this stuff into a one quart pot of chili was absolutely phenomenal. The aftertaste was engaging and when the burning subsided, I was excited to dive into a bit more. It beat out my fresh pepper made chili and managed to anger my girlfriend when I gave her a kiss (beware, it lingers on the lips). If you’re looking for a solid, long-lasting, throat searing sauce, you can’t do much better than Blair’s Mega Death.

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