Review of Blair’s Mega Death Sauce

Blair’s Mega Death has a stunning rich red color and is loaded with pepper seeds and bits of pepper skin. If you don’t shake it well, you can actually see the very dark red liquid the makers of the sauce call liquid rage.

If you don’t shake this sauce well and happen to get a hit of that liquid rage, I feel sorry for you. I’m not sure what makes the liquid rage part of Blair’s Mega Death Sauce, but it is killer hot. I made the mistake of tasting straight from the bottle without shaking. That’s an amateur mistake to begin with, and in this case, I paid for it dearly.

Let’s talk about the other factors of Blair’s Mega Death Sauce, shall we? It smells delicious. There’s an intense smoky aroma that made my mouth water for a taste. Unfortunately, due to my earlier lack of common sense, I couldn’t handle another taste immediately. When I was finally able to give it another shot (and after shaking the bottle vigorously), I got a couple of nice surprises. The first was that the heat level, while not as intense as taking a straight dose of the mysterious liquid rage, was well beyond easy to manage. Blair’s Mega Death Sauce is pure hot. Definitely not for someone who doesn’t know how to exercise caution. If you can’t take the heat, get out of this kitchen.

The second surprise was the flavor of Blair’s Mega Death. Actually, there were two more surprises. Not only the flavor, but the fact that I could taste anything through the heat. I did taste, though, and if you can get past the fire, the flavor of this sauce is quite pleasant. The ingredients include red habanero pods and cayenne chilies, natural pepper flavor, ancho chilies, chipotle chilies, molasses, guava nectar, fresh ginger, salt, and spices. All of these ingredients play well together. The pepper combinations are exceptional. The chipotle shines through with an overall smokey note that provides a backdrop for all the other flavors to work together against. It’s amazing to me how all of these layers combine so well to bring out a rich, satisfying dimension in flavor, even in the face of such an enormous heat factor.

I’m not going to tell you to use Blair’s Mega Death Sauce freely and without consideration for heat. It should be used as an additive, with large quantities of food. Believe me, you won’t lose the flavor or the fire in your belly. It works great to kick up other sauces or to add flavor and fire to dips, soup, chili, or eggs. Just remember to shake the damn bottle.

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