Blair’s Hot Sauce Review

I have loved any and all hot food and hot sauce for what feel like a bazillion years, yet somehow I only recently found out about the “Blair’s Death Sauce” range.  Now I am wondering how on earth I survived any family dinner growing up without it.

I received my first bottle of this and liked it so much, I found myself running to buy another bottle a couple of days later before the delivery of some late-night pizza.  Blair’s Hot Sauce, awarded “Best Hot Sauce” at the 2002 Fiery Food Challenge, is a solid infusion of each and every one of the ingredients used.  Upon removing the cap, your first whiff reveals chilies, vinegar, and a touch of smoke (from the chipotle).  I actually sneezed twice after my inaugural bite.  The sauce also features ripe habaneros, cayenne chilies, chipotles, key lime juice, and crushed garlic. 

The balance between heat and flavor was fairly equal, although initially I was expecting a touch more immediate heat. With a thicker consistency than many of the sauces on the market, it’s not so thick that it won’t pour out of the glass bottle. The sauce boasts a nice, bright orange color inside and outside of the bottle, with visible bits and pepper seeds.

As a garlic fanatic, I have not been able to stop putting this sauce on anything and everything.  Eggs, burritos, pizza, you name it: Blair’s Hot Sauce is the ultimate multi-faceted sauce.  And don’t even get me started on using it in a Bloody Mary: simply incredible.

It is important to note that while you cannot purchase any of Blair’s products at your local supermarket chain, they are available through numerous online retailers, and well worth the price of shipping.  In fact, when ordering, consider investing in either multiple bottles of a case of the stuff; you will burn through it that fast.  You can also find Blair’s at various gourmet and specialty stores.  Blair’s uses fine ingredients and it makes for outstanding hot sauces.  A large name in the hot sauce community, Blair’s Original Death Sauce is a dependable concoction that everyone, hot sauce connoisseur or not, should keep on their table. 

And, as an additional bonus, all of Blair’s Death Sauces all come with a skull key chain, its signature trademark.  Just be careful when removing the wrapping from the bottle, as you may accidently snap the skull off from its key ring in your hurry to get to the Death Sauce…

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