Blair’s Death Hot Sauce Review

I never get tired of sauces made with peppers. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about pepper sauce, dipping sauce, wing sauce, or barbecue sauce; if peppers are the point of the sauce, I want to know about it. Of course, the more individual a sauce, the better I like it. After you’ve used as many pepper-based sauces as I have, your palette becomes a bit jaded. It takes a special sauce to get a rise out of me these days.

Enter Blair’s Death Sauce. The name alone gives you an indication of what lies waiting for you within. As a bonus, the sauce comes with a skull key chain attached to the bottle, which, call me a kid, gave me a little rush of excitement. It’s hanging on my key chain right now. The label bears an image of a skull engulfed in flame, reminiscent of Ghost Rider.

The real treat comes when you open the bottle and taste this well-crafted sauce. Everything here is meant to be. First, there’s the pour; this sauce is on the medium-thick side, giving it a nice cling factor.

Heat-wise, I can only describe this sauce as having a slow, distinct burn. It definitely leaves a heat trail as it slithers down into your belly, but it isn’t going to send you rushing for the nearest slice of bread or something to drink. Heat lovers won’t feel cheated.

Blair’s Death Sauce is infused with garlic flavor, due to the large chunks of smashed garlic throughout the sauce. In addition to garlic, this sauce contains vinegar, red and orange habaneros, fresh cayenne, chipotle, lime juice, cilantro, and a combination of secret fresh herbs and spices, all working together to create a savory, tongue tantalizing flavor dance.

I tried this sauce with huevos rancheros (Mexican breakfast), enchiladas, and chimichangas. It works well with all of these Mexican dishes, and I’m quite certain it would compliment any other Mexican dish. That was almost a no brainer; I wanted to determine if the sauce would compliment any other dishes, so I tried it with meatloaf and as a shrimp dip, both on different occasions, and Blair’s Death Sauce complimented both perfectly. My all-time favorite use for this sauce is with oysters on the half shell. The garlic and pepper pieces combined with fresh, raw oyster — good stuff.

I highly recommend you keep Blair’s Death Sauce on your shelf, and experiment with it.

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