Black Swan’s Wing Commander Review

Black Swan’s Wing Commander wing sauce falls into the category of sauces you will either love or hate. Black Swan’s Wing Commander is billed as a spicy wing sauce, which it most definitely is.

There’s no heat here, but the sauce imparts a distinct Asian flavor personality that is sure to please anyone who has a taste for Asian cosine. The inclusion of honey, sesame seed, soy sauce, and fresh ginger attribute to the Asian characteristics, with mustard flour, salt, two types of vinegar (distilled white and malt), red peppers, and additional spices rounding out the ingredient roster.

The thing about this wing sauce is the wings it creates. This was different than any wing I’ve ever had, and while they will never replace wings made with Pappy’s Moonshine Madness, I did enjoy the change of pace.

With the Asian thing going on so strongly in Black Swan’s Wing Commander, I decided to do some big shrimp with it. My favorite Chinese takeout place has a bunch of different shrimp dishes, which I order frequently. I wanted to see if I could enjoy my own shrimp dish. I bought a couple pounds of gulf shrimp and placed them in a baking dish, then I covered them in Black Swan Wing Commander and baked them in the oven for about twenty minutes. The spicy, buttery taste of the Wing Commander (although the label states no dairy products) came together with the shrimp in a well-balanced, distinctly Asian way. Everyone in my family enjoyed them.

I love Cornish hens and had a feeling Black Swan’s Wing Commander would be a perfect complement. I added a little butter to the sauce and injected two hens. I periodically basted the hens with the remainder of the sauce. My wife the Cornish hens for dinner. They came out moist and the meant fell away from the bone. The flavors of Wing Commander diffused through the hens and gave them a sweet, slightly smoky taste that makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

I believe this wing sauce would do well with any pork dish and most fish dishes. I haven’t tried it this way yet, but it’s on my menu. If you like flavors with an Asian characteristic, you’ll want to keep Black Swan’s Wing Commander wing sauce on your shelf.

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