Big Hot One Hot Sauce Review

Big Hot One Hot Sauce – Well now lets see… How many implicitly pornographic phrases can you have on a single 5-oz. hot-sauce bottle?

Let’s count shall we?

  1. The Big Hot One (3 times);
  2. blow your mind;
  3. how much can you swallow?
  4. slide this between your lips
  5. take a big swallow
  6. exploding with juices
  7. satisfy your fantasies;
  8. size does matter and
  9. a cartoon of a babe with a 44-24-44 shape sucking on a “big one”.

So that’s 12.  And then they actually have the ‘nads to cite the Scoville Scale!!! This is bad folks – very bad indeed.

Inside? 1 (count ‘em ONE) pepper: a measly cayenne at that. Oh – and some “caramel color”. What’s this all add up to? A Very Lame Gimmick and even Lamer Hot Sauce. Kenner, LA is just down the street (or river) from Avery Island – home of Tabasco. I’ll be honest. This should be called “Runny Thin Tabasco Lite.” Looks like Tabasco, smells like Tabasco, taste like weak Tabasco. Methinks Tabasco is shipping bad batches of their stuff to XXX.
Granted, “Mississippi Delta” is a recognized genre and thus they all have certain things in common. But outright theft and gross misrepresentation are not amongst them. If you want Tabasco then get Tabasco. It’s everywhere fer chrissake. Leave this on shelf with Texas Pete.

To present Big Hot One Hot Sauce as something “satisfying” – especially in a sexual fashion – is S-T-U-P-I-D.

What? That’s all I can say.

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