Bethany Blues Papaya Grillin’ Sauce Review

I know a girl named Bethany and she rarely has the blues, so I knew this sauce wasn’t hers. Actually, it comes from Bethany Beach in Delaware. As far as beaches go, you don’t hear about Bethany Beach all that much, but you should hear about this grilling sauce because it’s quite nice. Flexible, too, since while it’s called a grilling sauce, on the side of the label it’s referred to as a “dipping sauce and marinade for grilled or smoked pork, beef, seafood, chicken or wild game.”

That sounds nearer to the target because Bethany Blues Papaya Grillin’ Sauce has very little in the way of viscosity going for it. In other words, it won’t coat a piece of meat on a grill the way a traditional barbecue sauce would. But with it’s acidity from tomatoes, vinegar, and lime juice, and its papaya fruitiness, it does make a richly flavored marinade that will work its way into the fibers of your raw animal flesh.

Bethany Blues is composed of a small selection of good, well-chosen ingredients: tomato concentrate, brown sugar, apple juice, corn syrup, vinegar, molasses, fresh squeezed lime juice, ripe papaya, garlic, salty, red pepper, anchovies, and natural spices. Surprisingly, it’s not overly sweet, the more savory ingredients (tomato, vinegar, garlic, anchovies) doing a good job cutting through the sweeter ones. As a result, it imparts great flavor that won’t overwhelm the natural flavors of the food you use it on.

I can see adding this to the sauce for a stuffed cabbage, especially with the vinegar and apple juice. My other’s recipe is based on guava jelly and chili sauce, and Bethany Blues would complement those ingredients very nicely. It’s actually the same consistency as tomato juice and if I had vodka in the house at the moment, I’d be tempted to make a Bloody Mary out of it. Not to flavor it, but to use it as the tomato juice component. I have a feeling I’m going to find lots of uses for this.

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