Baron Blazing Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Baron Blazing Hot Pepper Sauce is a useful piquant sauce. The pungent aroma helps enhance the sharp tang and the slight burn of the scotch bonnet peppers used to craft this sauce. Besides the scotch bonnets, this sauce contains nothing but vinegar, some salt, and a few spices. Many of these piquant sauces are made using cayenne or similar peppers, so I was happy to taste the scotch bonnets here.

In my book, the use of the scotch bonnets is what sets this sauce apart from other similar sauces. They give it a little better kick than most of the piquant classified sauces I’ve tasted, and I absolutely love the flavor of the scotch bonnet, so I find myself using this sauce frequently when I eat anything of the Mexican persuasion. The rich red color of this sauce is appealing and the flavor is smooth, providing a perfect complement to these foods.

It’s also a great addition to a pot of chili and a nice side companion to guacamole dip.  A generous amount of pepper seeds floating throughout this sauce gives it a good texture and adds to the overall presence of the heat. Pure, simple ingredients make this a perfect sauce for someone who wants to go traditional and doesn’t look for a lot of overkill in the hype department. There are no fancy packages or gimmicks. Baron Blazing Hot Sauce is simple sauce made hot.

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