Banjamin’s Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper “Elixer” Hot Sauce Review

It’s The Cure/Burn All!

Back in the 1800’s, whole communities used to look forward to attending the “traveling road shows” for not only the interesting and unusual entertainment, but for the exotic products that could only be found and purchased there.  Some might gather to see some colorful and dangerous animals from far away countries, while others may take a moment to gawk at some misshapen human that is portraying a strange skill or talent. But once you wade through all of that, one might see a huge crowd that has formed nearby. Pushing aside the spectators, you approach, only to see a man standing on top of his wagon preaching at a fevered pitch. “It’s the Elixir of the gods!” says the man. “It will cure all and best of all, I guarantee it!”  People are franticly trying to purchase his product. The promise of looking good, smelling good, tasting good, and most importantly, feeling good, is just to much for most people to pass up even 200 plus years later.

This is “Atomic Eh?” and I have found yet another product that I would like to share with you. The sale of “snake oil” or medicines of the eighteen hundreds have always fascinated me, and over the years I have collected quite a few of these bottles from the past. What was once contained in these bottles is not something I would highly recommend trying, but I have a spicy “atomic” product that I came across that I want to tell you about.

Banjamin’s Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper “Elixer”
Hotter then pure hell fire!

Yes, I admit, some clever artistry and label design was what first drew my attention to this mysterious, dark bottle. It reminded me of the days of old, where a salesman of unknown origin would appear in a neighborhood, and sell his wares of great healing and fortune. Often one did not know what the ingredients of the bottle were, but was motivated to make the purchase on the promise of great happenings once the concoction was consumed. This was largely effective because of two things. The promise of what the barker was saying and that dark, tall, silently magnificent bottle. Labels were often an attractant but like a moth to a flame, humans for centuries have been attracted to the unknown…even if it is in a dark, silent bottle.

The bottle being a dark brown color makes it nearly impossible to see the consistency of the sauce/additive. When I hold it up to the light there is nothing but forbidding blackness. As I unwrap the safety seal, I can’t help but look for the dire warnings that come with a product like this. Nothing…but the Jolokia Peppers speak for themselves. Originally derived and grown in the dry heat of India, these peppers have become quite famous for torturing and tantalizing taste buds all over the world.

I twist of the lid and lean in for the first smell. It smells tasty! Not to mention a little burn on the sinuses! This sauce isn’t an extract sauce, so it is very appealing and all natural…no chemical smell. Though this product has been preserved in white vinegar, it is not the first smell that I encounter in my culinary quest. Fruity Jolokia and black pepper are some ingredients I can quickly identify as well as a faint sweetness that might be from the lemon and lime juices that have been added. Some other ingrediants listed on the label are kosher salt, red pepper, sassafras powder, dill, basil and oregano. The pepper sauce has a sweet, pleasant flavor and the heat comes on STRONG! My wife said with a pleased smile, “Yum, it smells like steak sauce!” Though I would NOT recommend pouring over your steak, it would be good in small quantities in most foods. This sauce would definitely make for a great additive to foods like a bean chili, salsa, and even melted cheese for dipping. The heat went away rather quickly but my tongue feels like the back end of the Space Shuttle in take off…rather torched I must say. My right eye is now burning…some how I touched that with sauce on my hand I guess…handle this sauce with care! I can’t wait to share this with others! Definitely want to keep this out of reach of your kids.

The other product that I have pictured and have yet to try is their dry rub-seasoning bottle. I am looking forward to firing up the grill tomorrow. A new grill and a new product…yah baby! It comes in a nice little shaker bottle and if you send it back to them then you get ½ off your next order, which is always cool. You can always contact them at It’s hand made in Nashville, Tennessee.  You can also get the Elixer in a large size as well. I would give this sauce a 5 out of 5 for heat and flavor. I would rate it almost to hot to taste. The price was very reasonable for a hand made product. I am glad that I ordered some. You can also find them on Facebook as well. So experience the Ghost Pepper Elixer and this is “Atomic Eh?” telling you to keep it Hot and keep it Spicy!


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