Banana Peppers and How to Use Them

Many people love peppers but not everyone can eat or enjoy spicy hot peppers.  Besides bell peppers, there is another mild pepper that is available for your enjoyment; The Banana Pepper. Here are some answers and particulars regarding this delicious pepper.

What is a banana pepper? A banana pepper is a banana shaped pepper that turns yellow, orange or red when fully ripe. This variety of pepper is very mild and on the sweet side. On the Scoville heat scale they rate at around 500 units.

When to pick them? On average your banana pepper is ready to harvest when they turn the appropriate color and measures between 4-7″ in length, depending on the particular variety that you planted. The fruit should be firm to the touch.

How to purchase them? If purchasing them fresh from your local grocery store or farmer’s market, look for ripe (but not overly ripe) peppers that have no blemishes. You should also smell them (any moldy or funky odors should be avoided).

How to store them? Freshly picked peppers should be used up within a few days and stored in a cool dry place in an airtight container. If you place them in a paper bag, close up your bag and place into the refrigerator.  Some varieties will then last for up to 10 days.

How to use them? Banana peppers can be used in a variety of delicious ways. Try slicing fresh banana peppers to use as a topping on your favorite sandwich, added to your favorite stir-fry recipe or try them tossed in your favorite salad. Some cooks like to slice the peppers and add them to their favorite spaghetti sauce recipe. As you can see…this is a very versatile pepper that can be used in a variety of ways.

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