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Bacon Hot SauceHello fellow Chili Head’s!


Life is good in our family home as our fertile vegetable garden is maturing and the anticipation grows of this year’s annual family sauce production/barbeque approaches.  Northern California can be a tough place for chili peppers to grow outside. Too much water and not enough incinerating heat can really slow fruit production. Fortunately for me, I have friends back east that are growing the new “Butch T” Scorpion Pepper (The new world’s hottest) and some Bhut Jolokia Peppers (The Worlds second hottest) and shortly I will be placing my order. But in the mean time, here in my quiet tranquil garden, dark green leaves gently swaying in the ocean breeze, only giving a slight glimpse of the white flowers and the colorful fruit that lies inside. How is it that something so silent, sweet and flavorful can be packed solid with tongue blistering, body nurturing, and endorphin releasing capsaicin? I must admit that a smile comes to my lips just thinking about it.

Today is my daughters third birthday. Streamers are being placed, colorful balloons are being filled and many guests are to be expected. I of course am contemplating the question that is on every Chili Heads mind in anticipation of the upcoming event, “What sauce should I open today?” I have tried more sauces then I can count. Hot ones, mild ones, colorful, thick and thin ones are all in the list of hot sauces that I have consumed and lived to talk about. Today’s sauce is going to be fun. A sauce that one might not readily expect to see on the local taqueria table but one that has interested me for a long time.

It’s called….


My friends at hooked me up with this sauce a while back and I forgot that I had it. Everyone loves bacon right? Good stuff. It goes with everything. A local restaurant here serves chipotle, bacon wrapped prawns. Yum, bacon!!!! It’s10:00 in the morning and I am drooling on my keyboard thinking about it.

I have to state right up front, “I love the label!” It portrays a pig spewing flames from his mouth and smoke from his ears. Good stuff! The red lettering on the black background makes the label pop and be noticed on any shelf.

My son and I decided to fry up some tortillas and cheese with some fresh tomatoes and sliced apple on the side. My five year old was so fascinated by the label that he to wanted to try this sauce. Never before has he been willing to do so.  I had to laugh when his response to trying some was that it made his teeth tingle. He, as well as I, was surprised that it did not pack a lot of heat. It’s got loads of flavor.

I would easily classify it as a mild sauce. It’s more of a way to flavor your food then heat it up. I am not sure if it was the right sauce to go with what I was eating cause the bacon did not compliment the tortillas and cheese. Later today I am going to try it on pizza and in the morning, maybe some scrambled eggs. By the way, there is no bacon in the ingredients list so one must ask, “Where does the bacon flavor come from?” Before you answer, let me quickly reply, “I don’t want to know!” This hot sauce is not what I would consider an all-natural sauce. Many of the ingrediants I can’t even pronounce much less recognize.  The consistency of the sauce is thin and pours rather quickly so watch out! A little goes a long way even if you are madly in love with that bacon flavor.

In conclusion I would just say that if your looking for a comical bottle that portrays a great label, need great gift, or just need to add a little more “bacon” to your food without the saturated fat…. This might very well be the perfect sauce for you! Just because I wasn’t impressed with the flavor doesn’t mean you won’t be instantly hooked the minute you try it.  Check it out at and tell Chris I sent you. Keep it hot and keep it spicy!


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