Bacon Hot Pepper Sauce Review

There’s nothing like waking up to the sizzle of bacon in the frying pan, the aroma of the bacon wafting through the ear, complemented by fresh coffee and a couple of eggs over easy. Nothing like it, that is, unless you’ve got a bottle of Bacon Hot Sauce sitting on your breakfast table you can use to augment your breakfast cuisine.

This is one of the most unique combinations I’ve tasted in a long time — hot sauce with the taste of bacon. The combination is something completely different and quite tasty.

This is a hot sauce first and foremost, made with the cayenne peppers and New Mexico chiles. The combination of these two peppers, balanced with sugar and bacon flavor that offers up a mild taste treat designed to complement whatever dish you use it with. Bacon hot sauce does not have a sever burn.

In fact, the heat level here is almost non-existent — just enough to let you know we’re talking about a hot sauce here, but with the focus on the flavor of the bacon and the underlying taste of the chiles. For anybody who likes bacon, this is a must-try sauce that will put a little sizzle in your breakfast menu or any other meal.

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