Baboon Ass Habanero Hot Sauce Review

There are just certain phrases a man never expects to hear himself utter. For me, “I’d like a little Baboon Ass, please,” certainly falls into that category of things I never wanted to hear myself say. These days, I say it often, and I say it with pride. The original Baboon Ass Habanero Hot sauce (as if there have been a lot of Baboon Asses to follow) is on my list of hot sauces to keep in stock.

From the instant you open this bottle, you’re drawn into the world of a masterfully crafted hot sauce. The enticing aroma of Habaneros hits you immediately.

You can almost smell the heat. The pepper combination in this sauce is exquisite: Habaneros, Jalapenos, and Red Savina Habanero (a much hotter version). Onion, vinegar, carrot, lime juice, tomato paste, and garlic round out the ingredients that make this sauce taste so good. The lime juice, in particular, adds a pleasing citrus boost that sets off the overall taste of Baboon Ass.

I tried Baboon Ass with one of my favorite snacks, Mexican cheese and tortilla chips. Baboon ass is a perfect compliment. The Habanero and lime juice combination on top of each chip full of cheese made every bite I took a treat.

The heat factor here is intense but not overpowering. Quite a few sauces sacrifice quality flavor for heat, but that isn’t the case with Baboon ass. There’s a slow burn that warms the soul. It gets more intense with every bite of food you take, but the it never reaches the critical level. This, to me, is what a hot sauce should always aim to do.

Of all the hot sauces I’ve tasted in my lifetime, Baboon Ass ranks in the top five. This sauce is a prime example of hot sauce craftsmanship. I can’t imagine any culinary situation where Baboon Ass wouldn’t be fitting. I tried it with a New York Strip in place of steak sauce, I used it to kick up my spaghetti sauce, and I added it to Uncle Dougie’s Wild Mild Barbecue sauce to give that wonderful barbecue sauce a little more heat.

If you want a hot sauce that tickles the taste buds with an artistic ingredient combination and warms your mouth and belly without sending you to the ER, grab yourself some Baboon Ass Habanero Hot sauce. Like me, you’ll find yourself asking for something you never thought you’d need.

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