Ass Reaper Hot Sauce Review

As my mother would say, I’ma gonna give it to ya straight: Ass Reaper Hot Sauce is one of the hottest sauces I’ve ever experienced.  No, not THE hottest sauce, but as of right now, it’s in my top three.  Your first clue as to what’s to come is that the Ass Reaper Hot Sauce bottle comes dressed as the Grimm Reaper, with a white skull mask and a hooded robe tied to the neck of the bottle.  Just in time for Halloween?  Not a chance.  Wicked ominous?  Definitely.

The label is a simple design, a black background with white and red text.  The body of a skeleton takes up the majority of space, with “Ass Reaper” scrawled in red across the bony pelvis.  A small text block reading “hot sauce” reminds the consumer that this shouldn’t be mistaken for a steak sauce or your grandmother’s marinara.

From Louisiana but brewed in Costa Rica, this hot sauce includes habanero peppers, Scotch Bonnet peppers and African olesoresin.  The latter ingredient, African olesoresin, is a pepper extract.  Even using my degree as a Librarian, I was unable to much out online regarding what the heck this stuff is, save that it can be used in pepper spray.  So it is kind of scary stuff.

Of course, after reading a bit up on it, I had to try the stuff immediately.  I took a fingertip worth with some steak at dinner.  It immediately felt like my mouth was on fire; I buckled down for about 10 minutes, sipping and then finally gulping milk, waiting for the burn to go away.  Fear not, it just got worse!   And this was just with a smidge on my steak (thank god I didn’t coat the whole piece of beef with it).  If I had any appreciable quantity of this stuff I think I’d have some kind of religious experience.

There is no doubt that Ass Reaper Hot Sauce belongs in the super hot category. Then again it’s not so much spicy, it’s just brutally painful.  I’ll give it a 5, though I’m sure that there might be a hotter sauce out there, but in this girl’s experience, the Ass Reaper Hot Sauce is plenty hot enough!  By the end of your experience (approximately four hours of digestion later), you’ll be sure to understand the Ass Reaper’s tag line, “that’s your ass now!”

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