Ass Reaper Pepper Sauce Review

Ass Reaper hot sauce – The bottle design alone is worth the price of admission on this sauce. Ass Reaper hot sauce comes with a black label that features a skeleton. There’s an actual black cloak tied around the bottle and the lid has a plastic skeleton head over it. The tag line for the sauce is “That’s your ass now.” If you choose to use this sauce irresponsibly, it will be your ass.

Habanero peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, and capsaicin resin and oil (in this case from a hot African pepper) make up the foundation of this sauce. The combination of habaneros and scotch bonnets would be enough to warrant warning. The other stuff is simply overkill.  Ass Reaper hot sauce is beyond hot. I didn’t check the ingredients first and I ended up with a blister on my tongue. No kidding. This stuff brought me to my knees, made my eyes water, and left me gulping milk and eating bread.

Here’s the kicker. The two peppers used in the making of this sauce, along with the scant other ingredients, which include garlic, onion, and salt, really give this devastatingly hot sauce some flavor — the kind of flavor that brings you back for another round.

I was a little smarter the second time around. I blended Ass Reaper hot sauce with foods. Lots of food, to be exact. A couple drops on a corn tortilla filled with a spicy ground Mexican sausage. Now, the sausage, for all intents and purpose, was hot enough on its own. A couple drops of Ass Reaper took it to another level. I layered the sausage in a soft corn wrapping, used some Mexican melting cheese, the Ass Reaper, and some Mexican style sour cream. I washed it down with Jarritos lime soda (which you might want to keep on hand if you choose Ass Reaper).

If it wasn’t for the delicious flavor underneath the tongue-blistering properties of Ass Reaper, I’d put this one on a shelf as a novelty. It tastes too good to hide away, though. If you’re one of those crazy kids that likes the kind of heat that no human should endure, Ass Reaper is a sauce you’ll want to keep on hand.

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