Ass in Antarctica Hot Sauce Review

The sauce is a thin, orangey-red color, similar to how tomato soup looks, yet it coats very well. There is actually no tomatoes in the sauce.

When smelling Ass in Antarctica Hot Sauce, it is easy to detect slight citrus notes, and very little else. There are hints of staleness, much like that of dried, crushed peppers that have been in storage for far too long, but you can’t bring yourself to trash it, since the cayenne, despite the staleness will most likely retain its heat, and really the heat is one of the cayenne peppers few redeeming values.

Naturally, cayenne is the sole pepper in the sauce. Just for good measure, oleoresin of cayenne is also listed as an ingredient, which means after adding the actual peppers, the makers of this sauce felt the need to include the extracted resin and oil from the cayenne to ensure a maximum amount of heat. Well, maximum heat in theory, since the sauce tends to be underwhelming.

The packaging makes every attempt to convince you that this sauce will induce a terrifying trial by fire, from graphics on the bottle to the over-the-top warnings on the side. It has a dropper top, implying that you should probably not try to handle more than a drop or two.

Ass in Antarctica is remarkably willing to make constant reference to bowel movement on the bottle.

According to the label, which has more puns involving the word “ass” that a Beavis and Butthead episode, not only will the sauce burn your mouth, but it will also scorch the orifice on the other end of your digestive system.

In case you’re unable to read, but still want to know what this sauce is all about the front graphic on the label depicts a sweltering man, presumably in the Arctic, with his pants around his knees with his ass sinking into a melting block of ice.

I tried the sauce on a slice of cheese pizza. In terms of flavor, the sauce gives slight enchancement, without being overpowering. Ass in Antarctica Hot Sauce itself does not have an impressive taste, but it does work well as a compliment to cheese and acidic flavors, such as tomato sauce.

As far as the burn goes, sure it’s a bit hot, but the heat doesn’t linger and ultimately disappoints, thanks, in part, to the overselling of the label.

To be fair, only the most deranged individual is going to get this sauce with the intent of drinking it straight. For the run-of-the-mill hot sauce purchaser, who is only interested in adding some drops to a slice of pizza, or a hamburger, it gets the job done.

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