Ass in Antarctica Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Ass in Antarctica Hot Sauce – Cayenne peppers and vinegar are the key ingredients here. There’s not enough cayenne for the experienced hot sauce lover. The vinegar is a little on the heavy side, but there’s enough salt to set it off.

Ass in Antarctica isn’t an extremely hot sauce at all. It can be used on a variety of foods to add a little kick, but the kick is mild, so you’ll have to use the sauce liberally. As for flavor, I wouldn’t say it’s at the top of the game. There are too many awesome hot sauces available to give this one a high rating on the taste or heat scale.

Still, this Ass in Antarctica has its place. It makes a great table sauce and can be used on anything you would use pepper on. It tastes great in white gravy, over biscuits. It makes a great addition to ham and beans. It also works well in scrambled eggs or over fried eggs. Use it in chili or soup, liberally on tacos, or in your favorite chip dip. Since the ingredients are so sparse, the cayenne has room to do its thing, which is to add a little pepper kick to your food.

It’s not hot enough to live up to the name. You won’t need to stick your ass in Antarctica after eating it. In fact, even a beginner can probably suck this one out of the bottle without crying. That said, though, you can’t go wrong by keeping a bottle on your table and using it in place of salt and pepper. Ass in Antarctica Hot Sauce really does add a flavorful touch to some of the foods you probably eat every day.

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