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Asbirin Hot Sauce – While sifting through a growing collection of hot sauce bottles, despite it’s quiet, unassuming, nature, it is hard not to notice Asbirin sitting in the back. Sure, the larger bottle-size may give it away, but what caught my eye was the fact that it was the only bottle among over a dozen that was not adorned with cartoons extolling the horror lurking within.

My gut instinct tells me that the name “Asbirin” probably has some sort of double-entendre to it, but frankly, I can’t come up with one that makes sense. Sure, there’s the obvious “ass” part of the name, but given the fact that there is no other reference to anything remotely resembling ass puns are jokes about butts on the label.

My best guess is that “Asbirin” is a take on the word “Asbirin” which doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me. But then, I find it’s best not to question logic when dealing with hot sauce.  In contrast to the generally odd trend of marketing with cheesy jokes and references to horrific anal calamities, Asbirin Hot Sauce keeps things simple.

The bottle features a simple white cross with the shadow of a flame rising from the bottom. With a simple promise that Asbirin is “For the relief of bland foods,” doesn’t make any attempt to oversell itself. In doing so, consumers get an honestly hot sauce, that does a fairly solid job of adding a good kick to any food item without stealing center stage.

As an added bonus Asbirin Hot Sauce comes in a wide 9 oz. bottle instead of the narrow 5 oz. bottles hot sauces usually come in. This is also means, that for you alcoholic out there, once you finish off the sauce, you’re left with a nice, little glass flask.

When it comes to hot sauce, it seems like there is a significant majority of sauces that attempt to sell themselves based on their ability to either take you close to death or force hemorrhaging of your anus.  Asbirin Hot Sauce does neither. It merely promises a little kick, and that’s what it delivers.

The main ingredient in the sauce is Habanero peppers with a back-up dose of Cayenne peppers to go along. Other than those ingredients, it has the typical inclusion of salt, onion, garlic and citric acid.

Asbirin Hot Sauce itself is a bright, thin liquid with no chunks, similar to a lot of the table hot sauces you might find in restaurants. I’ve been using this sauce pretty regularly since I got it, primarily adding it to pizza per taste.

There is a chance Asbirin could disappoint those particular hot sauce fanatics who tend to feel like if there is still any sensation on their tongue, the sauce has failed. But for those who simply want a solid, utility hot sauce, Asbirin Hot Sauce is a good value.

Asbirin Hot Sauce

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