Alien Anal Probe Hot Sauce Review

Alien Anal Probe Hot Sauce -The name of this sauce sets you up for the feeling that you’re going to be in trouble. A lot of hot sauces do this. Some pay off and some don’t. Alien Anal Probe (the sauce) causes nowhere near the pain or humiliation an alien anal probe would cause, but it does leave you with a satisfying experience.

Alien Anal Probe Hot Sauce is a traditional cayenne pepper based sauce with a slightly different color and consistency than most of these sauces. It’s a quick pour, with a bright orange color. The only real ingredient to boast about is the cayenne peppers themselves. The rest of it is your standard vinegar, salt, and spices. With that said, Alien Anal Probe can proudly boast a decent flavor, though without a super hot delivery. That’s okay. This is actually worth having for the taste of it alone. It’s a little thin for typical sauce applications (on tacos and as topping for other foods), but it does work great with scrambled eggs and added into your favorite soups or dishes. With a little better and a splash of lime, it tastes good baked onto chicken wings.

Overall, if the standard cayenne pepper sauce is your thing, I believe you’ll find Alien Anal Probe a step or two above most hot sauces based on this recipe type. It’s probably not going to please the Connoisseur who likes his hot sauces on the blistering side, but anyone looking for an entry level hot sauce will dig a little Alien Anal Probe Hot Sauce.

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