Ahrun’s Famous Voo Doo Magic Review

Winner of the 2004 International Fiery Food Challenge, VooDoo Magic Hot Sauce is the creation of Chef Ahrun.  On the bottle’s label, two skeletons dance around three red chilies on a floor of flames, while behind the text is what appears to be a piece of burlap, representing the “Voo Doo” theme well.

The label for VooDoo Magic also boasts a number of clever catch phrases, including the statement “sweet …with the heat,” and my personal favorite, “shake to wake.”  How clever, I remember thinking as I tossed a burger onto the grill.

The first ingredient listed is orange juice concentrate, an unusual addition to a hot sauce.  Brown sugar, habanero pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, all spice, thyme, garlic and cornstarch round out the ingredients in this bottle.  All of the ingredients combine to create a unique sauce that boasts both flavor and impressive heat.  While there is a hint of the orange when you’re specifically looking for the flavor, if I hadn’t read about the orange juice concentrate on the ingredients label, I’m quite certain that I wouldn’t have been able to pick it out.

VooDoo Magic smells like a steak sauce.  When I first tasted it, the brown sugar and allspice were immediately apparent.  Like most sweet sauces the heat become much more apparent after the sweet.  But take note: if you don’t like allspice or thyme, you won’t enjoy this sauce, as both spices are large factors in the overall flavor of the sauce.  The consistency of this sauce is quite thick, and the molasses-like color is flecked with visible spices.

As for the spice factor, I would give Ahrun’s Famous Voo Doo Magic a 3.5.  The sauce was pleasantly spicy but did not require my gulping copious amounts of milk (or beer, or bread) after dousing my hamburger in it.

Incredible on burgers and steak, VooDoo Magic is also an excellent marinade or dipping sauce for pork, seafood or chicken.  As a consumer that loves almost any type of steak sauce or marinade, I would give Ahrun’s Famous Voo Doo Magic to pretty much every member of my family for Christmas or a birthday if possible, because god knows that there is no way they’re getting a taste from my bottle.

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