Adding Peppers into Your Diet for Increased Health Benefits

Increase Your Health by Eating Peppers

Researchers have found that adding peppers into your diet can bring you many added health benefits.  Peppers come in sweet or spicy and either type you like, there are great health benefits to them all.  First and foremost are the antioxidants that peppers are known for.  Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals which can harm our cells.  Reduction of these pesky free radicals means that you can reduce or prevent certain diseases.  The more colorful foods, including peppers, you have in your diet, the better your body can prevent illness from occurring.

Using peppers in your diet can be a really simple addition.  As you know, the capsaicin adds heat to our peppers but you don’t have to have the heat to get the health benefits.  So starting with some simple bell peppers, you can cut them into slices and add them to your salads.  Adding a variety of colors; yellow, orange, red, green; bring interest and a variety to flavors to a boring salad.   Bell peppers also make a wonderful main dish when making Stuffed Peppers or dice them up and add one to your favorite tomato sauce.  You can also use pablano peppers and make Chili Rellenos.  This is a nice mild pepper if you remove the seeds, but if you like a bit of kick, keep the seeds and veins in before stuffing with cheese. Two great vegetarian meals right there.

Here are a few more ideas for adding peppers into your diet.

  • Make a salsa with jalapeno or seranno peppers, tomatoes and onions and a bit of cilantro. Use it as your salad dressing for great fat burning qualities
  • Make a great guacamole and top a baked potato or add it to your burger or chicken or even better, eat it as a side dish
  • Make Jalepeno pepper jelly.  It only sounds hot.  It is very mild and delicious.
  • Roast some bells or poblano peppers on the grill. Sweat and peel off the skin, remove the seeds and veins. Add some roasted tomatoes, garlic, and cilantro in a blender and pour it over chicken and marinate it for a bit before grilling or bake it for an amazing flavor ala Bboby Flay
  • Add peppers to your Kabobs and roast them
  • Add your favorite peppers to your homemade BBQ sauce
  • Use cayenne pepper and red pepper flakes in your chili, stews, soups

These are just a few simple things you can do. There are tons of different ways you can continually add peppers into your diet and take advantage of a simple way to get added health benefits through food consumption.  Peppers are not only easy to purchase and use, they add color and wonderful taste to your foods as well.  Enjoy!

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