Acid Rain Hot Sauce Review

The Acid Rain Hot Sauce bottle stands out among other hot sauce bottles because of its shape. It is shorter than most and has a square shape with rounded edges. Its bright yellow label says “Acid Rain” in big black letters. Beneath that, we have sketches of two trees. One is covered in full, lush foliage, while the other is withered and dead without a leaf in sight — presumably because of the big black cloud looming above, pouring acid rain onto the unfortunate tree.

A description of the sauce on the side entices with the claim that, “Unlike some hot sauces, Acid Rain Hot Sauce is loaded with flavor.

It is not only a blending of some of the hottest peppers in the galaxy, but some of the most flavorful ingredients as well.” Sounds fantastic! It goes on to promise, “You are just going to love it.” I rate the bottle and label 4/5. They definitely have my attention.

With ingredients like habanero (listed first), ring of fire, and jalapeno, this sauce is bound to be rather warm to say the least. Meanwhile, other ingredients such as garlic, ginger and lemon, lime, and orange juices suggest that their claim that Acid Rain is also “loaded with flavor” may hold some validity. I give the ingredients list a 4/5. It sounds delicious. I open the bottle and am greeted by a scent reminiscent of ketchup and a wide variety of peppers — both hot and mild. I rate the scent 3/5. It’s not bad, but I was hoping to detect a note of some of the citrusy ingredients.

The color of Acid Rain is similar to cocktail sauce blended with mustard. I pour a few drops onto my plate and find that it has a nice medium consistency. There are tiny pieces of peppers and a few whole pepper seeds throughout. I rate this beautiful consistency 5/5. I put a few drops on my taco and take a bite. It is very hot and peppery — an excellent blend of habanero and other peppers — followed by a subtle hint of citrus as the heat begins to die down. Although I had been afraid, based on the smell, that there would be a strong ketchup flavor, no one flavor stands out above the rest — a rarity in hot sauces. This characteristic, combined with its hot-but-not-blistering heat level, would make Acid Rain Hot Sauce an excellent multi-purpose hot sauce. I rate the flavor 4/5. It really would be great on just about anything you like hot sauce on.

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