A Drop Of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce Will Light Up Your Tastebuds

For the last two decades the world renowned sauce creator David Ashley has made great variety of extremely tasty hot sauces. Ashley’s Mad Dog Hot Sauce is highly praised among the hardened chileheads. This fantastic sauce is made from exquisite ingredients including hot pepper extracts that can make even an ordinary meal absolutely scrumptious. And if you are a purveyor of hot sauces and prefer the extreme heat and fiery savor of the hottest pepper in universe you must make room on your shelf for the unique Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce from the Ashley Food Company.

Almost all hot sauce fans around the world simply love the lip smacking taste of the Mad Dog Hot Sauce. Ashley has now filled this hot sauce with the sizzling flavor of highest quality Cayenne peppers and habaneros introduced the Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce that promises to set your tongue on fire. The sauce itself rates 357,000 units on Scoville Heat Scale and that is how the name Mad Dog 357 came into being.

Cayenne peppers are also known as the bird pepper or Guinea Pepper and rates 160,000 units on Scoville Scale. These are grown in French Guinea and are one of the wildest peppers on earth. It is mostly used in powdered form as a hot spice. It can also be used with vinegar to prepare sauces with extraordinary burning flavor. As you try a slight portion of Ashley’s latest Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce you can experience the dangerous heat of the Cayenne Pepper and the fresh red habaneros.

Ashley Food Company sells all sorts of authentic hot sauces offering perfect blend of different flavors with different intensity of heat. Mad Dog Hot Sauce made by David Ashley has the exact amount of hot savor that tempts every hot sauce lover. Acclaimed by the maker and the users as the hottest sauce the Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce performs perfectly awesome when you add it to the common sauces or soups. Even an ordinary dish becomes delectable and really spicy when you put a small amount of this Mad Dog Hot Sauce in it.

Among the most wanted hot sauces Ashley’s Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce has become the champion for its exquisite hot flavor. Other than the hottest Cayenne peppers and habaneros this amazing Mad Dog Hot Sauce includes vinegar, cane juice evaporated, spices, onion, garlic, chile extract and Xanthan gum. And the assault that the amalgamation of all these explosives will bring to your tongue will definitely melt your taste buds.

While buying Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce online choose the InsaneChicken website or any other reliable site who delivers original products at low rates. Be very cautious when you use the Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce in any preparation. This terribly hot sauce is not at all suitable for children or those with faint heart. Just a drop of this power packed sauce can give you a massive blow. To enjoy the deadly Mad Dog Hot 357 Hot Sauce you should look for the most reputable sites offering all needed info on this incredible Mad Dog Hot Sauce.

If you are a huge fan of  Mad Dog Hot Sauce and want to experience the hottest flavor of pepper you can make room on your shelf for the deadliest Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce.

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