7 Great Uses for Chipotle Chile Powder

Chipotle Chile Powder is a great item to keep in the kitchen and by the grill.  There are many different ways that you can use Chipotle Chile Powder and there are several types of recipes it can be used in.  Here are a few great ways to add this delicious spice to your recipes and menu easily.

* Chipotle Chile Powder makes a great rub on your traditional slow-cooked beef brisket. Try it by rubbing down the brisket and slow cook it in your crock pot for several hours.  Tender and flavorful!

* Chipotle Chile Powder can be used in traditional chili recipes or in Texas chili con carne recipes.   Add it in addition to the traditional chili powder or change it out completely.

* It can be used as a rub on chicken, although we think its best rubbed on chicken that still has the skin on. Rub the bird down completely and throw in on the grill.  Use a small amount with other spices you enjoy to add a bit more flavor.

* Chipotle Chile Powder can be used as a rub for beef or pork ribs. Rub your ribs down generously with the chile powder before grilling, baking or slow cooking them.

* The Chipotle Chile Powder is great sprinkled onto some of your favorite fresh vegetables where you want to add some kick to them. Just sprinkle on the desired amount and then bake or steam your veggies until done.

* It is a delicious additive to Deviled Eggs and gives a spicy twist on a household favorite.  You can include it in the mixture or sprinkle some on top in place of paprika.

* Chipotle Chile Powder can be used in many of your traditional Tex-Mex soups and stews. Just replace the traditional chili powder with the Chipotle Chile Powder and you are set to go!

Enjoy a delicious flavor burst with some spicy chile powder and your taste buds will be happy.  What is your favorite use of this great chile powder?


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