4 Chili Peppers to Keep on Hand for Great Flavor While Cooking

Whether you like your peppers spicy hot or mild and comforting, you should always keep a good selection on hand for creating dishes from all over the world. Here are 5 great peppers that you should keep in hand all the time for excellent tasting foods.

1) Ground Cayenne – This is the ground form of the Cayenne red pepper and is used often in dishes that require a punch of heat.  You can use it in sauces, soups, stews and a shake will wake up any food.  It is an easy form to use and it is readily available.

2) Crushed Red Pepper - This is a great staple to have in your pantry.  You see it all over pizza joints and it is used extensively in canning, pickling, sausage making and culturally in many dishes.  This is not just made from just one type of red pepper but from various varieties of ancho, bell, cayenne and more.  It gives a great hit of flavor without a lot of heat.

3) Jalapeno Peppers – These little bundles of joy are easily found in local stores and easily grown in containers or kitchen window sills.  Keeping several Jalapeno’s on hand on a regular basis means that you can whip up a salsa at the last minute.  You can slice some and use them as a condiment for taco night or add them to nachos.  Guacamole dip can be spiced up with some diced Jalapenos as well.  These are a versatile pepper that can be added to any dish, cooked or raw.

4) Habanero Peppers – Somewhat hotter than the Jalapeno, these too are great to keep on hand when cooking. Due to the additional heat level, these are used a lot in the making of hot sauces for BBQ or meats.   The favor lends itself well to sauces and a little will go a long way, but your sauce will stand out and be a favorite.  It is usually easily found in grocers and will grow well in warm locations.
By keeping these four peppers in your home, you will insure that you have the great taste and flavor that your friends and family enjoy when you cook for them. These peppers are all versatile and easy to work with. You will enjoy creating new cultural masterpieces using peppers.



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