357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce Review

357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce – When this Mad Dog 357 is used, you don’t call the police, you call the fire department because 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce is hot. You will need the fire department to put out the hot blazing inferno in your body.

Chile heat addicts—get ready to fall in love. You may not have thought that you could be in love with a 357, but that’s when you thought it was a gun. This Mad Dog 357 is a hot sauce with 357,000 Scoville units.

Just smelling 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce could set your nose on fire. You will smell vinegar and a slight habanero smell as heat burns your nasal passage. If you take a tiny taste, you will taste a bit of sweetness from the evaporated cane sugar. You will also taste habaneros and vinegar. There is a slight taste of garlic and onion. There is almost a raison taste, though there’s nothing in the ingredient list to suggest why.

But it’s the heat, not the flavor, that you will remember from this sauce. The heat comes from not just habaneros (in case they weren’t enough) but also from chile extract and 160,000 Scoville units cayenne peppers. It’s a hot heat that lingers for a long time. 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce is truly designed for chile addicts and not for everyone. The bottle makes this clear by having warning labels on the side of the bottle, things like “This product is to be used at my own risk” and “I fully understand the potential danger if used or handled improperly.”

Despite the labels, there’s always some doofus who wants to show off. Though we warned him, an acquaintance poured a strip of 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce on a sandwich without trying it first. He bit into the sandwich and ran screaming out of the room.

The warnings are just part of the label. The front of the label makes it appear that you are looking down the barrel of a 357 gun that is surrounded by bullet holes, saying, “This sauce will blow you away.”   This serious image is broken by Mad Dog, a cute cartoon dog in a chef  hat.

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