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357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce – Most hot sauces that are any hotter than Tabasco claim that they will make your mouth burn so much that you will be knocked on the floor. Most will, but only if you have a canker sore, or are recovering from oral surgery. Most are all talk and funny labels. They invoke burning buttholes and the fires of hell. As a result, they are great gifts. In addition, they are often tasty, and go-to sauces for chili-heads looking to spice up their pizza or eggs. However, they are not what they say they are. Not even close. They are not bottled hell-fire. They are merely a condiment.

Mad Dog 357 is the real deal. It has ruined many a half-hour period for me. It gives me a weird throbbing sensation in my ears. I’m not sure why I continue to eat it. I rarely enjoy it. I mostly eat some when I dare a friend to, and then feel like a sissy not following suit. I’ve played hot sauce roulette with this (mix different sauces with spreadable cheese and spread on crackers; sometimes you get a hot one).  This game ends pretty suddenly for most participants. It’s only a matter of time until you get your first bite of 357 Hot Sauce.

There are multiple 357 versions of Mad Dog 357, including variations with ghost peppers, but the original 357 is by far the hottest. It will transform any food into a sport. You get great bang for your buck in this bottle. One drop is enough for many uses.

One thing that’s true of Mad Dog’s entire line is that their sauces’ heat is backed by some serious flavor. 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce is complex. Most of this complexity comes from the range of different heats this packs, some more sharp and others a more dull burn. If this sauce wasn’t so darn hot, it would be a good candidate for every day spicing-up of food.

Buy this bottle of 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce to impress other chili heads and to push yourself to limit. You will be a better person as a result. At the very least, your bones will be stronger, given the huge amounts of milk you’ll have to drink along with it.

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