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Spicy Peppers & Broccoli Side Dish Recipe

Some folk love the taste of spicy pepper in their foods so much they are now adding spice to their side dishes.  Perking up a boring old head of broccoli or spinach is pretty simple to do and it really adds a spark to your meal. Why eat boring foods if you don’t have to? It just takes a minute to create a recipe with some punch to it!

This is a beautiful side dish or even a main meal packed full of flavor and color!  By adding a few shots of your favorite hot sauce, you have brought it from … Continue Reading

Thin BBQ Sauce Recipe

Have you ever heard of Thin BBQ Sauce?  Depending on the region of the US you are from, it could also be called a mop sauce or wet sauce maybe even a marinade. Regardless of what you may call it, thin BBQ sauces are popular in many areas of the country and they all have certain ways of preparing it that is consistent with their region.

For instance, in the Kansas City area, you would not hear of a thin BBQ sauce.  But if you were in the eastern parts of North Carolina, you would have it on your table as … Continue Reading

Homemade Vietnamese Hot Chili Sauce Recipe

We know about your love affair with chili peppers and how hot you love your food.  It is no secret to us.  With that said, we also know how much you love trying new spicy flavors on your food.  When it comes to Asian food, some of the spiciest peppers and sauces are the simplest ones.  Here is a recipe that you may want to try for some Homemade Vietnamese Hot Chili Sauce that may knock your socks off.

If you do make this, make sure to handle the chili peppers with gloves on so that you prevent skin irritation or … Continue Reading