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Mad Anthony’s Barbeque Sauce Review

Rock ‘n Roll my Barbeque…if you dare!

Hey to all you chili heads out there and Barbeque addicts. As I continue my quest in hunting, acquiring, and best of all, consuming some of the finest, tastiest, and hottest sauces out there, I must take just a moment to tell you about,

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Gringo Bandito Pepper Sauce Review

Hello Chili Heads! It’s a new year and Zest Fest is right around the corner. Those of us that are truly dedicated to all things spicy are now wondering what “atomic” sauces are going to be presented at the show. In a few short weeks, we will know and I bet you can find all those new sauces right here at Insanechicken.com! I found a new sauce to try and I want to tell you about it.
Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce.

For those of you that love rock ‘n roll and hot sauce, this sauce review should be … Continue Reading