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Marie Sharp’s Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Hello Chili heads!

The colorful Christmas decorations are up outside and I am freezing! The cold weather is right for the holiday season, but not always right for me. This is “Atomic Eh?” and once again I am looking for something to, “bring the heat on,” as we say in my family home. Something tropical, something a tad exotic would be nice. If I can’t go there today, then why can’t I bring it here? I have a hot pepper sauce that will “light you up” for the holidays.

Coming from Belize, South America (actually Insanechicken.com) is a Habanero Pepper sauce that will bring some of that fire in your life that you might be missing these winter months. Now it might not help you get all snuggly with the spouse these fine holiday days, but it will cause you to sit up at the dinner table and yell, “Pass me some more of that barbeque baby!” That’s “atomic” in my book. So if Santa is reading…I want some of this in my stocking!

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