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Buddha Bill’s Tequila Lime Hot Sauce Review

Hey Chili heads!
Do you have the fire starter that you need for the Holidays?
It’s Thanksgiving time and I propose the question, ‘How much fire starter do we need in our lives?” Being that it’s winter here, I spend the first 10 minutes of my return home from work getting a fire started in the fireplace. It seems like I always have big chunks of wood to choose from but I’m always lacking the kindling material to get the fire going. Continue Reading

InsaneChicken Wins First Place for Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce

In a blind taste test, InsaneChicken won first place for its Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce at the 15th annual Scovie Awards in Albuquerque, New Mexico. More than 100 food industry professionals judged more than 600 entries from around the world in this year’s contest. InsaneChicken’s submission had stiff competition among its peers in the Extreme Sauce category and the judges ranked it number one.

It was the first time Alison and Chris McCarthy, owners of InsaneChicken, entered one of their hot sauces in the prestigious Scovie Award competition. Alison McCarthy knew they had a winner when the judges declared their Fire Roasted Habanero the best in its category. She commented, “If the judges liked our Fire Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce so much, our customers are going to love it.” Continue Reading

Choke You Chicken Peri-Peri Hot Sauce Review

Hello Chili heads and fellow BBQers extraordinaire!

It’s that time of year again where we look forward to that special day.  It’s the day that we stuff ourselves (oops, I mean the turkey) to the point of exploding and then we are barbequing, baking, or frying it to perfection. Right now, some weirdoes out there are probably reading this and asking themselves, “What about boiling it?” As for “Atomic Eh?” I’ll say this once…I don’t boil meat! It’s all about the BBQ baby! Mrs. Eh? is reminded by my introduction of her great Grandmother boiling chicken with … Continue Reading

Charlie’s Hard Times Honey Mustard Barbeque Sauce Review

Charlie’s Hard Times Honey Mustard Barbeque Sauce – Every now and then a barbecue sauce comes along that makes the others pale in comparison. A sauce so well crafted that it deserves to be put on a pedestal and admired from afar, then admired right on up close. Charlie’s Hard Times Honey Mustard Barbeque sauce is just such a sauce.

Mustard, mustard seed, vinegar, red wine vinegar, molasses, brown sugar, tomato sauce, honey, apple juice, worcestershire sauce, garlic, onion, and spices make up the flavor personality of this beautiful sauce. If you don’t like mustard, you probably won’t like this sauce. Mustard is the star of the show. I love it. A good mustard-based barbecue sauce can bring any steak, roast, ribs, chicken, and even seafood to life. This one is totally off the map. It explores territory never before charted, bringing with it new discoveries in the world of barbecue. Continue Reading

Slap Your Mama Hot Pepper Sauce Review

Hello fellow Chili Heads! It’s another great day in hot sauce country, and this is “Atomic Eh?” shouting out to you from California. Life is good here but my fridge is running low on sauce, so I had to contact my friend Chris at Insanechicken.com for a new “Atomic” sauce to try.
This one is called:
“So good you’ll want to…SLAP YOUR MAMA!”

This one looks great! The label displays an old lady that has a red handprint on her face. The maker is Habby Habanero, and I can’t help but wonder what his relationship is like … Continue Reading