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Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce Review

Gringo Bandito Hot Sauce – I didn’t expect much from this sauce when I glanced at the label. First impressions can be everything, though it isn’t always wise to judge a book by its cover when you’re dealing with sauces. In this case, a blonde guy in a sombrero with a couple of six-shooters across his chest just looked like a cheap ploy to get my attention. I glanced at the ingredient list and found a pleasant surprise. It reads:

Vinegar, water, habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, Red Japanese chili peppers, more peppers, salt, mojo, and spices. Continue Reading

Ahrun’s Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce Review

Ahrun’s Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce – This is billed as a barbecue sauce. It’s slightly thin for the purpose, but the taste of the sauce makes up for it.  The ingredients this sauce sports include corn syrup, vinegar, sugar, mustard,  worcestershire sauce, onions, garlic, tamarind, cloves, and chili pepper extract.

Ahrun’s Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce is a very sweet sauce with a slight bite of fire. It works extremely well on ham and other pork, it’s great on chicken, and it even makes a great addition to seafood. Despite the thin personality of the sauce, if you keep painting it on your food while you’re grilling, it maintains its flavor and finally manages to thicken up a bit.
Continue Reading

Arrogant Bastard Ale Jalapeno Hot Sauce Review

Arrogant Bastard Ale Jalapeno Hot Sauce – Based on the Arrogant Bastard Ale, this hot sauce delivers both sharp, tangy flavor and a heat punch that will leave you grasping for something to pick you up off the floor. Arrogant Bastard is a kick-in-the groin beer that adds to the taste of this sauce. It is, in fact, the key ingredient, along with crushed hot peppers, pepper sauce, cane juice, jalpeno peppers, garlic, lemon juice, and a little capsicum for good measure.

I dropped some of this into a cheddar cheese dip just to see what I could work up. Before that, I tried a half a teaspoon full. Continue Reading

Big Bob Gibson Mustard BBQ Sauce Review

Big Bog Gibson Mustard BBQ SauceBig Bob Gibson Mustard BBQ SauceBig Bob Gibson makes some unique award-winning sauces, including Big Bob Gibson Championship Red Sauce and Big Bob Gibson Original White Bar-B-Q Sauce. This one is a mustard-based bar-b-cue sauce and it rocks. Mustard, as an ingredient in sauces, is something I really enjoy when the blending is done well. Big Bob Gibson Mustard BBQ Sauce is an exquisite blending of mustard and other ingredients that creates a sweet, smoky, very rich presentation.
Ingredients here are extensive. Mustard, soy sauce, steak sauce, salt, onions, garlic, orange, orange peel, turmeric, apple concentrate, rye concentrate, tomato paste, molasses, raisin concentrate, tamarind, brown sugar, and a whole bunch of other spices and flavorings that Big Bob uses like paints on a palette to create a masterpiece of bar-be-cue flavor. Continue Reading

Dave’s Hurtin’ Habanero Hot Sauce Review

Dave’s Hurtin’ Habanero Hot Sauce - Dave’s insanity sauces are world-renowned for deadly heat factor. When I came across a bottle of Dave’s Hurtin’ Habanero, I knew I was in trouble. When one of the hottest peppers in the world becomes the start attraction in one of Dave’s insane combinations, you know you’re going to need to approach the situation with caution, and that’s exactly what I did. Not only did I approach with caution, I was cautious about that. The point is, none of the precautions mattered. i took a reasonable sample to start with, I had a slice of bread and lime juice on the side, and I approached the situation slowly.

The heat was so intense that my mouth went numb, which you’d expect to be a good thing under the circumstances. Continue Reading

Not Made in China BBQ Sauce Review

Pappy’s Not Made in China barbecue and dipping sauce is made in the USA without lead paint. That’s what the label tells us. Cool. Lead paint isn’t good for you. The good news is, Pappy’s Not Made in China BBQ Sauce is good for you. Pappy’s Moonshine Madness is one of my favorite sauces, and so is Pappy’s Sauce for Sissies. Okay, so I don’t use the sauce for sissies (well, I don’t admit it) as often as I use the Moonshine Madness, but in any case, it’s a fine sauce.

Not Made in China BBQ Sauce is billed as a barbecue and dipping sauce. Soy sauce, sugar, molasses, fresh garlic, fresh onion, salt, smoke flavor, hot sauce, tomato paste, worcestershire sauce, anchovies, and all those other ingredients typical of Pappy’s sauce are in this mix. Continue Reading

Blind Betty Pineapple Pizzazz Review

Blind Betty Pineapple Pizzazz – Betty may be blind, but there’s nothing wrong with her taste buds. This is one of those sauces that never lasts with me. A lot of sweet going on with a little heat. The problem with some of these types of sauces is that the little heat is too little. That’s not the case with Blind Betty Pineapple Pizzazz. Don’t let the pretty orange color and the suggestion of pineapple trick you int o thinking there’s no burn here. One tiny taste of Blind Betty’s special concoction and you’ll feel it on your tongue, down your throat, and in your belly. Blind Betty Pineapple Pizzazz is one hell of a hot sauce.

There’s so much more under the hood, though. Massive pieces of habanero peppers and pineapple combined with pineapple and lemon juice, onions, garlic, salt, and a few spices give this sauce a sweet, distinctly tropical personality that you just can’t pass up. Continue Reading

Jolokia BBQ Sauce Review

Jolokia BBQ Sauce – This BBQ sauce has been a long time coming. This is a barbecue sauce and, as such, great in barbecue applications, but it’s also a great replacement for whatever sauce you use on your hot wings. I got excited when I saw the bottle. BBQ sauce made with Naga Jolokia. I’ve never seen it before. The thought of getting this sauce on chicken wings was like waking up Christmas morning to presents spread around the tree and piled high beneath it too. I went to the freezer to find I had no chicken wings left. That meant a quick trip to the store, a chicken wing purchase, and rushing back home to fire up a grill specifically for wings, specifically with Jolokia BBQ Sauce.

Everybody knew this was going to be a hot sauce. Most people asked to be left out of it. Continue Reading

Choke Your Chicken Hot Sauce Review

Choke Your Chicken – From the people who have been bringing you some of the best hot sauces around comes Choke Your Chicken hot sauce by Insane Chicken. I’ve been waiting for Insane Chicken to create designer sauces using some of the best peppers around, and now it’s finally happened. Insane Chicken has taken advantage of the highly unique taste and aroma of the African Peri-Peri in Choke Your Chicken. One taste told me all I needed to know about Choke Your Chicken. Insane Chicken has taken insanity to another level. This is hands-down the best sauce I’ve ever tasted using the Peri-Peri pepper. Continue Reading

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