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Spicy Chipotle Chili Recipe


Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce Review

Georgia Peach and Vidalia Onion Hot Sauce is incredibly sweet. Georgia peaches and Vidalia onions make up the bulk of the flavor, with the onion kicking up the lead. Red chili puree, jalapeno peppers, and cayenne peppers provide the very minimal warm undertone of the sauce. If you’re looking for something hot enough to blow your mind, you won’t find it here. This is a sauce almost anyone can enjoy, providing they enjoy the taste of peach and onion.

The sauce has an extremely sweet scent and a beautiful red appearance. It pours nicely and has a texture made up primarily of minced onion you can actually bite into. Continue Reading

Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce Review

I’m in Love. Kiss me Marie. Kiss me again. And again. And again.  The last words of the descriptive on her Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce bottle says it all: “She has Succeeded”. Why? Because she does it the right way. In a small operation in some obscure yet fertile valley in Belize. This is Carib Sauce at it’s finest.

Full disclosure: I cut my hot-sauce teeth on the home-made, wild-and-crazy hot sauces of the islands in the Caribbean Sea. I once had a collection of 30. All colors, all presented in things like cough syrup and ketchup bottles. The “Evil Yellow” from Grenada in a Gordon’s Gin bottle (no shit).  Continue Reading

Fork N Halo BBQ Sauce Fire and Brimstone Review

I love Fork N Halo BBQ Sauce Fire and Brimstone BBQ Sauce. I’ve tasted many fine sauces in my life. Some of them, like Pappy’s Moonshine Madness, should be in a barbecue sauce hall of fame. This is one of those sauces.The bold sweetish-hot flavor notes of this barbecue sauce make it ideal not only for anything you can cook on a grill, but for any food you might want to dip. I started looking for excuses to use this sauce, but the truth is, I don’t need an excuse. It’s damn good and I’ll eat it when I want to.

Interesting ingredients combine to bring out a sauce that nears the gourmet stage here. Tomatoes, evaporated cane, red wine vinegar, pure honey, apple juice, kosher salt, mustard Continue Reading

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

This guy Anthony takes a bet for $100.00 for eating a teaspoon of Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce.

357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce is extremely hot and should be used with caution!

WARNING – This video may contain swears.

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