15 Creative Ways to Use Salsa

One of the most popular uses of peppers has to be in the preparation of salsa.  Families have their trademark recipes and there are so many different varieties that you can make depending on the levels of peppers, tomatoes and other ingredients. It is a taste free for all.  With so many different uses for salsa, we thought we would share our top 15 or more uses so next time you which up a gallon of your favorite salsa, you might try it in a few new ways.  This is especially good for those watching your weight. Salsa is a fat free and minimal calorie food!

* Baked Potato Topping
* Scrambled Eggs or Omelet Topping
* Pasta Topping
* Sauce for Stir-Fry’s – especially good when using shrimp
* Basting for seafood before grilling
* Snack Dip – Mix with sour cream or plain yogurt
* Chili – Add some salsa to your favorite chili recipe for easy favoring
* Vegetable Salad Topping
* Meatloaf – Try adding some to your favorite meatloaf recipe
* Meat, Fish & Poultry Sauce – Pour some salsa in a baking dish with your favorite meat
* Bread Dipper
* Crepes Topping
* Baked Beans – Add a little kick to your favorite baked beans recipe
* Grilled Cheese – Add 1-2 tablespoons to a grilled cheese sandwich
* Stuffed Green Peppers – Add 1/4 cup of salsa to your favorite recipe
* Seafood Dip – Instead of using cocktail sauce, use some salsa
* Enchilada Bake – add salsa to the top of your enchiladas before baking for an added kick

I am sure there are a ton more uses that you can come up with.  Share with us a few of your favorite ways to use your delicious salsa.   Give a few of these 15+ ways a try next time you have some salsa laying around. You will enjoy it in a whole new way.


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